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Erica Glover

Akron Squad

Dr. Erica Glover is a life-long learner committed to working towards equity for marginalized groups of people. Born in Warren, Ohio to Joseph and Sheryl Glover, Dr. Glover has always envisioned herself as a coach and leader. As the current Recruitment & Retention Manager with Akron Public Schools, Dr. Glover has developed and supported innovative strategies to recruit and hire BIPOC candidates. Seizing on the opportunity to work with current staff who hold a bachelor or masters degree, Dr. Glover and her colleagues were able to obtain grant funding to support 10 candidates in becoming educators over the next four years, without the burden of any financial obligations. Prior to her role within HR, Dr. Glover spent 15 years working with youth, as an administrator, basketball coach, and as an Intervention Specialist. Her time working with colleagues, students, and local universities extends beyond the school walls, as she utilizes her non-profit, OKBNU, INC., to develop educational programs for local athletes, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers working through Project-based learning activities centered on community development and advocacy. Dr. Glover's passion for learning is captured within her research, where she explored the adolescent and professional experiences of Black teachers--and how such experiences influenced the supports provided to students. Dr. Glover found that Black teachers within the study become disrupters for their students, disrupting the interruptive negative and inequitable schooling experiences. Her research has led her to create Disrupter University, an educational consultant group that is focused on disrupting teacher socialization through intercultural coaching specific to culturally-responsive and sustaining teaching practices, cultural awareness, and the sustainment of equitable and inclusive classrooms. This on-going approach to learning about self and others is structured so that youth and adults are able to learn from each other's experiences and perspectives, while re-imagining teaching and learning. Through equity-based coaching and supports, youth and adults are positioned to become agents of change.
Dr. Glover has one son, Kylan Armond Richburg, one older brother, and one younger sister. She is proud to be the daughter of Joseph and Sheryl Glover, who have been married for 47 years. Dr. Glover is excited to transition into a newly created role within Akron Public Schools: Diversity, equity, & inclusion learning specialist. Her hobbies includes basketball training, traveling, and reading books.


Erica Glover
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