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At its core, Finding Your Leadership Soul is about the important functions love, care and vulnerability play in education leadership and how our society tends to shun these characteristics in leaders, in favor of more traditionally masculine character traits (e.g. machismo, discipline, etc.). Carlos had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Finding Your Leadership Soul is a series of reflections, framed around letters Carlos writes to three young men whom he had the opportunity to teach and mentor. All three of these young men - Josue, Angel and Shawn - have passed; too young and too common for young men of color these days. Thus, Carlos' letters take the form of lessons he wishes he could have shared, impacts he wishes he could have made. Knowing that time with our young people can be fleeting, Carlos shares these lessons with the reader so that they don't miss the opportunity to introduce soul into their own leadership toolbox.

"This book is simply beautiful. Each page is filled with the power of vulnerability to heal and manifest justice."

Dr. Bettina Love

Professor and bestselling author of Punished for Dreaming and We Want to do More than Survive


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