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With great humility, we are pleased to highlight upcoming opportunities for you to engage with Carlos as part of the Finding Your Leadership Soul conversational tour. Please check back frequently for further details on how you can register to attend and for additional dates.


Please feel free to invite Carlos to speak to your staff, convening, students or more, by expressing interest through this contact form. In addition, we welcome invitations to podcasts, LiveStreams, and other virtual conversational platforms. 

JUNE 2024 / Chicago, IL - As part of the 2024 Hispanics in Philanthropy Conference. CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS.

JUNE 2024 / Napa, CA - As part of the PBL World Annual Convening (hosted by PBL Works). CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS.

JULY 2024 / Ghana - As part of the Ghana ASCD International Educators' Summit (in conversation with Tony Simmons and Kaleb Rashad).  CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS.

JULY 2024 / Memphis, TN - As part of Big Picture Learning's annual summer convening, Big Bang.   CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS

AUGUST 2024 / Pittsburg, PA - As part of State of Black Learning Conference (in conversation with Dr. Phelton Moss, Dr. Ray Antrum and Rictor Craig).   CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS

OCTOBER 2024 / Indianapolis, IN - As keynote presenter at the EdLeader21 Annual Event.  CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS.

NOVEMBER 2024 / Baltimore, MD - As part of New Profit's The Well convening.  CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS

NOVEMBER 2024 / Philadelphia, PA - As part of the Center for Black Educator Development's Black Men in Education Convening.  CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS

DEC 6, 2023 / Philadelphia - Big Picture Learning Leadership Conference (in conversation with Bettina Love).  WATCH THE RECORDING

JAN 4, 2024 / The Bronx - In conversation with young people from Fannie Lou Freedom High School, and School Leader Jeff Palladino.  THANK YOU FOR COMING

JAN 11, 2024 / The Bronx - Kicking off in the Borough in which Carlos was born and raised. With special guests Meisha Porter, Dena Simmons, Christopher Emdin, Nancy Gutiérrez, Roberto Padilla, and more!  THANK YOU FOR COMING.

JAN 17, 2024 / Providence, RI - At the Met School where Carlos forged his own Leadership Soul as an Advisor and Principal. In conversation with Andrew Frishman. THANK YOU FOR COMING.

JANUARY 29,  2024 / New York - Hosted by the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. THANK YOU FOR COMING

MARCH 5-7,  2024 / Austin, TX - In conversation with Bettina Love, Jacqueline Woodson and Sharhonda Bossier - as part of Big Picture Learning's broader footprint at the annual SXSW EDU festival.  WATCH THE RECORDING

MARCH 24, 2024 / Washington, DC - As part of the ASCD Annual ConferenceTHANK YOU FOR COMING

MARCH 26, 2024 / San Diego, CA - As part of the Deeper Learning Conference, in conversation with Elliot WashorWATCH THE RECORDING. 

APRIL 2024 / San Diego, CA - As part of Big Picture Learning's broader footprint at the annual ASU + GSV conference.  WATCH THE RECORDING.

APRIL 18, 2024 / Los Angeles - At the University of Southern California's Rossier School of Education, in conversation with Pedro Noguera.   THANK YOU FOR COMING

APRIL 29, 2024 / Dallas, TX - In conversation with Michael Iyescas, Fossil Foundation. THANK YOU FOR COMING 

MAY 20, 2024 / New York, NY - In conversation with Lisette Nieves, Fund for the City of New York. THANK YOU FOR COMING

MAY 23, 2024 / Pittsburgh, PA - In conversation with Dr. Esohe R. Osai, University of Pittsburgh School of Education. THANK YOU FOR COMING

MAY 29, 2024 / Atlanta, GA  - As plenary speaker at the National Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference. THANK YOU FOR COMING

MAY 30, 2024 / Baltimore, MD  - In conversation with Dr. Tracey L. Durant, Baltimore City Public Schools.  THANK YOU FOR COMING


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