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Andre Turner


André Turner possesses extensive experience spanning over two decades in education and public health. Currently serving as a Senior Program Trainer/Coach at the Positive Schools Center within the University of Maryland School of Social Work, Mr. Turner works closely with school leaders to provide valuable professional development opportunities for staff, aiming to transform school environments and improve overall climate.

In 2013, André Turner was selected as an Open Society Institute community fellow, where he developed the Boys Coming of Age (BCOA) program. This initiative provided African American adolescents aged 10-17 with high-quality development and manhood training through an experiential Rite of Passage process, successfully guiding them into adulthood. With over two decades of experience in youth development, Mr. Turner is dedicated to unlocking the true potential of individuals and shares valuable insights on creating transformative results in personal power and development.

Recognized as a thought leader in the field of human potential, André Turner is deeply committed to empowering individuals to expand their skills and capacity for growth and excellence. He generously shares his experience on achieving breakthrough outcomes personally and professionally. With a diverse background in education, public health, and certification in Leadership Development for Minority Managers from Johns Hopkins University, he skillfully integrates innovative and interactive approaches to effectively communicate complex and abstract principles in everyday language.

Andre Turner
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