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Kenneth Smith


Through Community Service and dedication to serving the community Kenny “Jo-Jo” Smith has accomplished the following:

Adjunct Professor at Kent State University. Educational Foundations course for teaching in the community setting.

Game Changer Award from Delta Sigma Theta in recognition of community work being conducted by Ladies First Akron.

Life Changer Award from Goalgetta Academy in recognition of community service through Ladies First Akron and I-AM Possible Enterprise.

2022-23 School year of implementing the I-AM Possible Leadership Development for at risk youth grade 4 and 5 within the school setting.

2022-23 School Year of implementing the I-AM Possible Male Social Emotional Learning Mental Health initiative.

2022 Trailblazer Award from the Akron Urban League in recognition of community work.

2022 started Educational coaching services with a focus on literacy, authentic relationships and teacher preparation.

2022 Created a Pilot Program “Black Males Read and Play Too” to focus on literacy development, STEM and combat childhood obesity along with youth mental health

2021 Released second book title i’M WATCHiNG.

2020 Created I-AM Possible Enterprise and released the first book “We Love Our Daddy”.

Coach Jo-Jo is a champion for equity and is planning to continue to impact the world by highlighting issues that our young generation faces. He believes that if empowered they can provide the solutions that we desire moving forward. Kenny “Jo-Jo” Smith is happily married with 3 beautiful daughters.

Kenneth Smith
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